Education is the pathway
Towards a better future

It sounds like a cliche, but it couldn’t be more true. Education brings the knowledge, knowledge brings power, and power brings the impact we need to play a part in shaping a changing world for the better.
But you’ve got to start somewhere..
And you can start here, at IBBI, as we exist to prepare you
for workplaces, industries, and the world itself, through a band
of leaders, educators, students, and professionals who are committed to shape the future, together.

Here at IBBI, our door is wide open for you, and it’ll lead you to many other doors towards a better future.

Our Mission


Equip and prepare students for the rapidly evolving workplaces and work culture on a global scale.


Conduct innovative research in business and technology of the fourth industrial revolution on both national and global scale.


Contribute in the growth of tech-based businesses through high quality education, industry-ready graduates,
and various initiatives.


Provide education of the highest standards through partnerships and collaborations with other educational institutions.


Develop tech-based career and entrepreneurial center on both national and global scale.